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Choose type of access (click one of the two buttons below):

CONFUSED? If RSYNC Access or RBLDNSD files or Direct Query Access are confusing or unfamiliar phrases, click HERE to learn more about how this works!

Choose direct query access (w/7-day trial):
  • Direct Query access is usually VERY fast and easy to set up.
  • Direct Query access is more economical for those with FEWER than 5,000 mailboxes.
  • However, some still prefer to pay more for Direct Query access for protecting MORE than 5,000 mailboxes, due to the fast and easy implemention of Direct Queries.

Choose rsync access to rbldnsd-formatted files (w/7-day trial):
  • RSYNC access to rbldnsd-formatted files is required if you are a vendor of distributed anti-spam software or hardware solutions.
  • RSYNC access to rbldnsd-formatted files is more economical for those with MORE than 5,000 mailboxes.
  • However, some still prefer to pay more for RSYNC access for protecting LESS than 5,000 mailboxes, due to the fast performance of rbldnsd.

NOTE: After you click one of the two buttons (above), you will have the ability to easily toggle between the RSYNC and Direct Query options with the click of a checkbox in Step 2, helping you to instantly see the price differences for your declared usage level.

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For Direct Query Access, enter your number of mailboxes in the box below, click calculate price, then click next
  Direct Queries    RSYNC

  • Access to all three lists will be provided during the testing phase, even if you ultimately don’t choose to subscribe to all of them.
  • Your free trial does NOT commit you to paying for anything. You only pay should you choose to subscribe at the end of the free trial.
  • Our data cannot be purchased for only a subset of your total mailboxes. Rare exceptions to this MIGHT be negotiated upon request and full disclosure, but only when >1M mailboxes are involved.
  • A quarterly paypal payment method (using an automatic PayPal subscription) is also available, but at a higher overall cost per year (approximately 10% more).
  • In the textbox above, please provide an accurate estimate about the number of mailboxes for which you host and/or provide spam filtering services (the total of ALL of them).
  • UNUSUAL USAGE SCENARIOS: If an unusual usage scenario defies counting of mailboxes, enter "0" in the mailbox count textbox above (and explain this in your e-mail). EXAMPLES: (1) responsible ESP using the data to vet new customers and/or shut down outbound spam, to protect their IP reputation. (2) registrar using the data to comply with ICANN self-monitoring requirements. (3) DNSBL lookup form, similar to, (4) DNSBL lookup form where commercial domain/IP reputation monitoring services are offered, similar to, (5) etc!

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What is your primary domain name?

SUGGESTION: If you have more than one domain name and are not sure which one to submit, choose the one that (1) has a website -AND- (2) has the most visitors or has the highest search engine rankings. This helps establish your credibility, which increases the chances that your invaluement access will be approved!

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IPv4 IP address of your main mail server(s), one for each geolocation:

In September 2018, we massively renovated our data distribution system so that we now have 76 servers in 38 cities around the world (up from 5 cities). We need some information from you to help us figure out which of our 38 server locations will provide you with the fastest service (lowest latency)! Therefore, in the box below, please put (on separate lines) the IPv4 address(es) of your mail server(s), with just one representive IP for one server in each geolocation (Most who fill out this form will only need to enter one single IP!). If any of these IPs are NOT pingable, substitute another IP in your IP space that is nearby and is pingable. We will then use this information to assign you to our particular server(s) that will provide the best performance and reliablity for your server location(s). Often, this results in queries answered in less than a few milliseconds (or extremely fast RSYNC transfers, if you are accessing our data via RSYNC)! If any of this is confusing, just provide your primary MX record. Or, if confused and you don’t know what an MX record is, just provide your main domain name (again).

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(OPTIONAL) How did you hear about the invaluement lists?

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(OPTIONAL) What spam filtering and/or mail server hardware/software are you using?

The main reason for this question is to provide you with BETTER and MORE SPECIFIC instructions! Likewise, if you desire Spam Assassin rules, please include in your answer that you use SA, and desire SA rules!. The OTHER reason we ask this is because, if you happen to be using an anti-spam system that ALREADY licenses invaluement, but find that your DIRECT access of our data STILL helps your spam filtering (this actually happens sometimes!), then that situation may entitle you to a large discount in your price.. You lose that possible discount if we do not have this information.

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Contact Info

Anonymous access to our data is NEVER allowed. Otherwise, spammers and cyber criminals would often request free trials. Therefore, please input your contact information, such as business name, phone number, email address, and address. Please also include YOUR name (and the names and e-mail addresses of others who are involved in this process).

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(OPTIONAL) What are your OTHER domain names (if any)?

You already submitted your primary domain name. Now, please let us know about any OTHER domain names that are associated with your organization, especially if used in the FROM address of your email. If there is more than one, separate each with a comma. If there are many such domain names, just list a few that are most important and/or most relevant to your usage of our service. NOTE: We are not requesting the domain names of your clients or subscribers for whom you host email, etc. We just want to make sure we better understand your organization. So these should only be your domain names, not your client’s domain names. (EXCEPTION: If you are doing this signup on behalf of a client, and it is your client’s domain name that you entered earlier as the primary domain name, then these would be your client’s other domain names.)

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(1) click in the box below and it should “select all“ automatically, (2) copy the text (right click, choose 'copy') (3) paste it into an email, addressed to (just click this email link!), (4) make the subject line “ Free Trial” - which should already be done if you clicked that email address link (5) Verify and adjust/customize the text as needed, especially if this generated text didn't accurately or fully describe your situation. (6) To help further establish your crediblity, please send this from your legitimate business email account representing this same organization for whom you are requesting this free trial - and NOT from a freemail account like gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc! (7) Hit the “send” button in your e-mail program!