(UPDATE on Aug-21-2020) Thank you for considering donating to invaluement. Since we are a for-profit business, donations are NOT tax deductable in the same way as donating to a charity. HOWEVER - for tax purposes, you should probably be able to charge it as a general business expense. For any donation over $100, we can provide an invoice marked 'paid' upon request, or just use your PayPal or CC automated receipt for that..

ALSO: If you are not an invaluement customer - and make a donation - then you later decide to become a customer - any donations made will apply to your first invoice if that invoice is generated within a year of the donation (up to the total amount of the invoice).


Invaluement.com PayPal Donation Form:

NOTE: Donations are NOT tax deductible.


Invaluement.com Credit Card Donation Form:

NOTE: Before submitting a donation, please connect with our CEO, Rob McEwen, on linkedin (send a Linkedin Connection request with a brief message - or send us an email) and briefly explain who you are and why you are donating - so that we can know who you are. Otherwise, we likely will not be willing/able to process this because we cannot risk accepting anonymous donations from unverified sources.

SECURE ORDERING: The URI for this page should be https://secure.invaluement.com/donation/ which is SSL-protected. Your CC information will NOT leave the server that this page is hosted on and will be deleted entirely just after the payment is processed, which should happen minutes/hours after you press the submit button.

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Credit Card Security Code instructions:

Enter the last 3 digits of the number on the back of your credit card located on the signature strip (4 digits if American Express).



NOTE: Donations are NOT tax deductible.