(UPDATE on Aug-21-2020) Thank you for considering donating to invaluement. Since we are a for-profit business, donations are NOT tax deductable in the same way as donating to a charity. HOWEVER - for tax purposes, you should probably be able to charge it as a general business expense. For any donation over $100, we can provide an invoice marked 'paid' upon request, or just use your PayPal or CC automated receipt for that. Recently, we started providing SOME amount of our new Service Provider DNSBL to the world - FOR FREE!!! (details here) That effort took hundreds of hours of unbillable-overhead-hours, and that significantly harmed our finances. But due to the emergency of the Sendgrid-ESP phishing spams and other exploits, we felt the strong need to provide this free service to the world, even though it caused many other money-making endeavors to get delayed. Therefore, we could use your donation to help reemburse us for that effort, and to enable us to continue work in this area in the future.

ALSO: If you are not an invaluement customer - and make a donation - then you later decide to become a customer - any donations made will apply to your first invoice if that invoice is generated within a year of the donation (up to the total amount of the invoice).


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NOTE: Donations are NOT tax deductible.


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NOTE: Before submitting a donation, please connect with our CEO, Rob McEwen, on linkedin (send a Linkedin Connection request with a brief message - or send us an email) and briefly explain who you are and why you are donating - so that we can know who you are. Otherwise, we likely will not be willing/able to process this because we cannot risk accepting anonymous donations from unverified sources.

SECURE ORDERING: The URI for this page should be https://secure.invaluement.com/donation/ which is SSL-protected. Your CC information will NOT leave the server that this page is hosted on and will be deleted entirely just after the payment is processed, which should happen minutes/hours after you press the submit button.

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NOTE: Donations are NOT tax deductible.